Missing Link

Designed for progressive surfing in small to medium surf, this board absolutely flies. Early test pilots report amazing acceleration of the front foot and a loose, skatey feel of the tail. The diamond tail shortens the turning radius for fine control in the pocket. Ride this shape 4-6 inches shorter and 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch wider (at least) than your regular small wave shortboard, and then watch that regular shortboard gather dust in the corner.


Inspired by Ben Wei and the fiftyfifty crew and designed with input from a pair of Gulf coast crashtronauts, this model is for those of you who treat a session like a trip to the skatepark. Short, flat, and thick and shaped with a concave deck for comfort and foot control, the only things missing are the trucks and wheels.


More of a hybrid, this model puts the skate back into your pocket surfing. Available as a round tail with or without breaks in the tail outline to loosen things up (check the gallery) and as a thruster, quad or 5-fin set up for maximal versatility.

Double aEby

Our double ender, for those of you who aren’t entirely sure which way you’re gonna land…


It seems that everyone is rediscovering the wisdom of Bob Simmons’ designs, or at least jumping on the bandwagon and trying to figure out what the modern planing hull is all about. These shapes are a reinvention of proven design concepts and the result is more speed and flow than you’ve ever felt before on a surfboard.

Mexicali Especial

Unencumbered by drag of a trailing center fin, the quad fin set up opens all sorts of performance possibilities for those who are open minded about their equipment. This model, originally designed for big turns on the long workable walls of Mexico’s point breaks, features a rounder outline for versatility, relatively parallel rails for speed, and a single channel out the rounded pin tail to high-line through the steep sections.

Quiver Killer

A versatile, high performance shape for the masses.  Featuring a slightly fuller outline and a more neutral feel than the standard high performance shorty, this shape is a little more accommodating when you’re driving off the front foot for speed in sub-optimal conditions.  Like our rocket fish, this board is designed to excel in typical daily conditions on the Third Coast.  Available in a variety of tail shapes and fin set ups.


Every dog has its day, and this board is designed for those days when the beach down the street looks like the wave in your dreams.  Available in rounded pin or squash tail and with a variety of fin systems; parabolic stringers available in poly or eps/epoxy.

Step Up

Being under-gunned when the surf turns on just flat out sucks.  Whether you’re gearing up for your next trip down south or holding out for that once-a-winter day, you need the equipment to rise to the occasion.

Rocket Fish

Relaxed entry rocker, a rounder outline, and a subtle redistribution of volume make this a great compliment to the performance shortboard. Designed to perform in the day to day slop and chop of the southeast coast. Available as a thruster, twin-fin, twinzer, quad, or 5-fin convertible.


One of our most popular platforms, this board was designed for surfers who like the float and speed of traditional fish but are looking for more versatility in sub-par surf. Available as a thruster, twin-fin, twinzer, quad, or 5-fin convertible.


As in, shift into 6th gear.  The traditional fish platform remains the fastest board design in our sport’s history, and there’s nothing retro about our take on it: traditional down rails, and flat rocker combined with subtle, progressive bottom contours.  Available in a twin keel or canard quad format.  If you’re looking to truly test the limits of down the line speed, start here.


Not that same old Lightning Bolt replica (although we like making those, too). A rounder outline, modern rails, and spiral V in the tail make this board loose and playful in a range of conditions. There’s nothing like a single fin to smooth out your style.


Inspired by the early generation Weber Feather Fastback, this streamlined single fin is built for driving.  This platform offers enough volume to be playful in the small stuff, but don’t be fooled: with parallel, down rails and a pin tail with unambiguous intentions, this shape is meant to hold a critical line in high gear when the opportunity arises.

Desert Island

Arguably the most versatile board in the lineup, this egg has a sweet spot that stretches from tip to tip.  Ths shape features a slight belly in the nose for buttery glide on the smaller days, down rails in the tail for driving rail to rail when you need to.  Sold with an oversized flex fin to catapult you out of turns.

Big Boy

With its extra width and rounder outline, this board was designed to meet the performance needs of bigger surfers or of surfers branching out from bigger boards. Generally in sizes below 6’11, this board offers the stability and paddle-ability of a funshape with the performance of a conventional shortboard.

Fun Gun

Great for beginners and weekend warriors, this mid-range is designed to keep you catching waves and having fun in any conditions. Available in rounded pin, squash, or diamond tail.

Magic Foil

Featuring a wide, thinly foiled tail, low volume rails, and flat, even rocker, this shape is a great option for those who are looking for a larger format board with a truly unique feel (think hull-like smootheness with very lively flex). Typically ordered in the mid- to upper- 8-foot range.


A 2 + 1 fin set up, modern rocker, rails, and bottom design make this a versatile performer for those of you intent on driving your longboard like a shortboard. But don’t be fooled – this board offers plenty of tip time for the fleet of foot.

Performance Noserider

It’s all about the glide. Classic performance and versatility, complete with resin tints and gloss and polish and available in a variety of tail shapes.


Whether you’re interested in picking off the biggest set waves at your local spot or cruising in the back-bay flats, SUPs add a whole new dimension to the quiver of the aspiring waterman. The model on the right (our most versatile) is designed for longboard-style performance in small to medium sized surf; the quad fish outline on the left is our go-to performer in the surf.

Hand Plane

Roots! Every waterman should have body surfing gear in their quiver. These hand planes and a set of fins can turn even the most worthless surf into an epic afternoon, and when the surf actually turns on, you’ll find yourself tucked into parts of the wave that you just can’t find on surfboard. Available in a variety of shapes out of domestically grown Pawlonia (shown here) or out of reclaimed skate decks (check the Gallery).